April Speight

Creative Technologist.

Aaron Taylor

Creative, Photographer, Founder of Keep It Surreal.

Magdalena Korpas

Multidisciplinary artist.

Arielle Hale

Digital nomad, marketing consultant & launch manager.

Abi Mohamed

Tech Director, Software Engineer & Tester.

Suki Fuller

Co-founder of Salaam Ventures & founding ambassador of FiftyFiftyPledge.

Ashleigh Ainsley

Cofounder of Colorintech.

Naresh Subhash

Creative & Art Director.

Anisah Osman Britton

Founder and CEO at 23 Code Street.

Prisca Moyesa

Founder of Moyesa & Co.

Claire Garside

Co-founder, Foundation for Digital Creativity.

Tea Uglow

Experimental Person in Charge, Google Creative Lab.

Alex Marshall

Co-founder, synesthetic, artist, writer, olympic weightlifter, and composer.

Frederica Boateng

Director of Fashion Business Education, Fashion Academic and Fashion Business Advisor.

Faiz Hussain

Business Designer, Polymath-Polyglot and Futurist.

Lennart Brandt

UX & Digital Product Designer at elbstack, Co-Founder of WeBurn.

Lu Li

Author, Founder of Blooming Founders.

Toni Codina

Entrepreneur, designer, full-stack developer & founder of Noon Studios.

Adel Abdullahi

Co-creator of labll.

Pauline Narvas

Developer, Creator, Speaker, Community-builder and Self-Development Enthusiast.

Leandro Thomas

Co-founder, CEO at Unubo.

Veni Kunche

Founder of Code with Veni & Diversify Tech, Senior Software Engineer at USGS.

Ivana McConnell

Senior UI/UX Designer.

Andy Ayim

Product Manager, Content Creator, Investor and trusted advisor to diverse investors and startups.

Manasvini Krishna

Founder at Lawbot and at Boss as a Service.

Soyo Awosika-Olumo

Software Developer, UX/UI Designer, Travel Enthusiast, MacScientist.

Jedidiah Silud

Founder of Third Culture Kid Global, TedX speaker, community builder.

Jennytha Raj

CEO of Mering Global, Co-Founder of Drinking Buddies 啤友汇.

Ivan Beckley

Medical student and NHS entrepreneur.

Hana Janebdar

CEO, Project Juno Technologies.