Co-founder of Bitbibit and co-creator of labll.

Based in London, Adel is the co-founder of Bitbibit, making virtual debit cards for groups. His background is originally in bioscience, but he managed to teach myself everything he needed to know to become a maker, from designing to developing. This has led to not only co-founding Bitbibit, but also starting a side project called Labll – nutrition labels for companies. With Labll, Adel highlights the diversity, pay-gaps, environmental impact and more, of corporations and startups. He is passionate about corporate transparency and the social impact companies have.

What does diversity mean to you?

To me diversity within an organisation/society means a healthy and broad spectrum of perspectives. I believe diversity is one of the most crucial things an organisation needs to get right. There are many reasons why this is important, but primarily it’s because it needs to reflect the diversity of the demographic it serves, which is almost always incredibly diverse. Organisations that aren’t diverse, aren’t healthy. This is one of the reasons I made nutrition labels to highlight the diversity stats of companies.

How can we build more inclusive communities?

Honestly, by just being more welcoming. It can’t be denied that there is an unconscious bias in the way opportunities are presented. This is a passive problem that needs a proactive solution. By actively being more welcoming to backgrounds, opinions and perspectives that are different to your own, you will foster the right conditions needed to make a community more inclusive.

What is your advice to a young person starting their career or entrepreneurial journey?

Know that you have the ability to learn any skill you need to make your career/dream happen. Don’t be intimidated by lengthy time commitments. Experience and skill compounds. Consistently do small portions, and in the end you will know more than you can imagine. Also say “yes” to as many opportunities as possible. Inspiration can be drawn from the most unexpected places.