Lead UX Designer at Iris Worldwide.

Alex has over 10 years’ experience of shaping and defining user experiences and brand interactions, his core focus is to push boundaries within the realm of feasibility by solving every problem with a user-friendly but also strategic approach. Currently at Iris, he is ensuring all projects are approached with an user-centric approach by conducting user research to surface insights on user behaviours and turning those insights into actionable guidelines for the project teams to solve the problems we are facing but also respond to the users’ needs with simplicity and elegance. Some of the clients he has worked with are: Samsung, Adidas, KFC, Wacom, Value Retail, Thomas Cook, Toyota, Lexus, Unilever, Asics, De’Longhi and Tata.

What does diversity mean to you?

To me, diversity means harnessing the power and experience of people who had a different life to ours in order to first of all, have a different point of view but more importantly to expand our own knowledge thanks to the benefits that a different culture, origin or even life experience can have. Essentially, it means that regardless of where people come from, of which gender they identify to or which colour is their skin, we can learn from them and be a better person ourselves.

How can we build more inclusive communities?

I believe that we can build more inclusive communities by developing the community members’ empathy and enabling them to learn from other cultures, from the history of other countries but also to talk to people from different origins and skin tones. By bringing people together and sharing their own experiences, we will be able to appease some of the fears that people naturally have and as such promote a more inclusive community.

What is one thing you wish you knew five years ago?

That we shouldn’t worry about knowing specifically where we will end up, as there is no way of predicting it and instead we should make the most of the journey to the destination as it is where we will find the most interesting travellers. The grand lines are enough to know where to go and we should keep an open and flexible mind to re-adjust our trajectory as we are travelling out and about.