Chief Marketing Officer at Badoo.

At 27, Gastón Tourn became CMO of Badoo, the world’s largest dating app with more than 380 million users in 190 countries. He previously worked at Google across the UK, the US, Brazil and Argentina, and also managed PR for the Empire State Building. He completed a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at University of Oxford. He published two fiction books, a thesis on digital communications and more than 10 papers in international journals. He speaks 8 languages.

What does diversity mean to you?

I think diversity is the opposite of those Benetton ads. It isn’t a black guy hugging a white guy high-fiving an Asian guy. It’s quite the opposite: it’s when they’re all shouting at each other. It’s those arguments, it’s that conflict that makes our world more diverse.

Who is your role model?

My role model is García Márquez because in his writing he can solve the puzzle of Latin America using the fragrance of a rotten fruit. Both in my writing and in my marketing, I hope to challenge the senses that have become numb.

What is one thing you wish you knew five years ago?

Studying things that your grandma thought “would never put food on the table” can feed and enrich you. I was worried where studying arts and creative writing would take me. Five years later, I’m using this knowledge to bring innovative ideas to marketing. I’m glad I didn’t stick to the typical education paths that my grandma would have been proud to tell her neighbours about.