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Prisca Moyesa

Founder of Moyesa & Co.

Claire Garside

Co-founder, Foundation for Digital Creativity.

Tea Uglow

Experimental Person in Charge, Google Creative Lab.

Alex Marshall

Co-founder, synesthetic, artist, writer, olympic weightlifter, and composer.

Frederica Boateng

Director of Fashion Business Education, Fashion Academic and Fashion Business Advisor.

Faiz Hussain

Business Designer, Polymath-Polyglot and Futurist.

Lennart Brandt

UX & Digital Product Designer at elbstack, Co-Founder of WeBurn.

Lu Li

Author, Founder of Blooming Founders.

Alyssa X

Entrepreneur, designer, full-stack developer & founder of Noon Studios.

Adel Abdullahi

Co-creator of labll.

Pauline Narvas

Developer, Creator, Speaker, Community-builder and Self-Development Enthusiast.

Leandro Thomas

Co-founder, CEO at Unubo.

Veni Kunche

Founder of Code with Veni & Diversify Tech, Senior Software Engineer at USGS.

Ivana McConnell

Senior UI/UX Designer.

Andy Ayim

Product Manager, Content Creator, Investor and trusted advisor to diverse investors and startups.

Manasvini Krishna

Founder at Lawbot and at Boss as a Service.

Soyo Awosika-Olumo

Software Developer, UX/UI Designer, Travel Enthusiast, MacScientist.

Jedidiah Silud

Founder of Third Culture Kid Global, TedX speaker, community builder.

Jennytha Raj

CEO of Mering Global, Co-Founder of Drinking Buddies 啤友汇.

Ivan Beckley

Medical student and NHS entrepreneur.

Hana Janebdar

CEO, Project Juno Technologies.

Alex Moulin

Lead UX Designer at Iris Worldwide.

Abadesi Osunsade

Founder of Hustle Crew, NonTechTech. Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt and Co-Host Techish podcast.

Urenna Okonkwo

Founder & CEO, Cashmere App.

Noemi Stauffer

Founder of Fresh Fonts and Flow Supply Co.

Gastón Tourn

Chief Marketing Officer at Badoo.

Angela Chieh

Product manager.

Kori Adu

Investment analyst and tech entrepreneur.

Marie Denis-Massé

Creator of Women Make, Threader & IP Man.

Becky Stephens

Founder at Yokible.