Medical student and NHS entrepreneur.

Born and breed from South London, Ivan Beckley is a UCL Medical student with a completed UCL MSc in Health Data Science sponsored and funded by Google’s DeepMind. In the 3 years Ivan has been at medical student at UCL, before doing his MSc, he started a social enterprise named Limitless Generation, a health technology startup named Suvera and became apart of the first group of UK medical students appointed as NHS clinical entrepreneurs.

As recognition of Ivan’s achievements in 2015, he was awarded one of the top 10 black students in the UK by Rare recruitment and No.3 on the list of Top 100 African and Caribbean graduates and undergraduates by Powerful Media. Fundamentally Ivan believes there is no problem too big to solve. He hopes to focus his career on demonstrating the potential for technology to transform healthcare.

What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity for me is about inclusion. It’s about harnessing every ounce of difference that makes every soul on this earth unique. Diversity for me is about unlocking the differences between each of us so that the sum of what we create is the best possible achievement of human capacity. It is that important and that simple in my eyes.

Why do you care about diversity?

Beyond my social beliefs, I care about diversity because I desire to work on ideas and solutions that unlock the greatest expression of human ability. The only way, the absolute only way to do so is to embrace and include as much diversity of human thought at the table as possible. There is no other way.

How can we build more inclusive communities?

First recognise the inequities of our current society. Second – invest in unashamedly addressing those issues alongside the people who are currently excluded and Third – strive to include as many people from those previously marginalised communities into the community. Even if that means taking a Rooney rule approach to things then so be it.

What inspired you to start your current journey?

I am inspired by the struggle I experienced growing up. I am determined to create a new narrative for my family and my community and that is what gets me up and working smart throughout the day. Everyday. It’s the thought that I can create a better reality for my family, community and world at large. That’s what inspires me.

Who is your role model?

My current role model is Mustafa Suleyman – co-founder of DeepMind. Mustafa embodies for me a spirit of ambition, and desire to create a better world in an amazingly particular way. The applied team at DeepMind is taking an approach to enabling AI in the world in way that is unique and truly inspiring. Mustafa has been the visionary behind it all. And I really do admire how he has used his humble background as a continued and regular driving force.

What is one thing you wish you knew five years ago?

our journey is your journey. Embrace your strengths more than your weaknesses. There are no limits to what is possible.

What is your advice to a young person starting their career or entrepreneurial journey?

First – learn from those that have made a successful living from their entrepreneurial successes. They have perspectives on the world that if you can understand and adapt those learnings for yourself will make you a better and more successful entrepreneur. Second – start small, collect small wins for your early ideas and build momentum. Find a small issue and solve it in as simple a way as you can. The learning you gain from this will be invaluable. Third – just start. Just do it. Take a lean approach but do it. Don’t let the fear of what could go wrong strop you (unless it is very obvious you shouldn’t do it). If you have identified a problem. And you have thought/researched a potential solution just start. Naivety that is fuelled with self-awareness can lead to potentially great results.