Creator of Women Make, Threader & IP Man.

Marie is a serial maker. During an internship, she learnt iOS programming. That is when she discovered she could build things on her own. A few years later, she decided to follow the entrepreneurship path. She made a first app on which she thinks she spent too much time. After launching it, she moved onto something else. Among other things, she is now working on Threader, Women Make, IP Man and she has a multitude of other projects she would like to spend more time on.

What does diversity to you?

For me diversity means power. The more diversity, the more different point of views, skills, backgrounds, creativity, ideas, etc. I think it makes us stronger. It also means accepting and welcoming the difference. It can be difficult because you need to learn seeing things from someone else’s side and sometimes changing your habits. But there is so much to learn and gain from it. That’s only from one perspective. On the other side, there is no way some people wouldn’t be allowed to access the same things others do.

Why do you care about diversity?

First probably because I feel concerned. The fact that I am a woman means I’m affected by this. Obviously I want to improve my condition and the ones of other women. But knowing what it is, by living it, I also feel concerned about all other minorities. So I care about diversity because I know how it feels to be on the “wrong side”. I also care about diversity because I know what it can provide us. I know we can improve everyone’s life by being more inclusive.

How can we build more inclusive communities?

On this aspect, I really don’t have all the answers, but one thing I care about on Women Make is that it’s open to everyone. I don’t think we can change things if all parts are not involved. That means we can’t only include women. We can fight for our rights, but we need to implicate everyone. I want Women Make to put women in the forefront but I want it to be a place where all genders work together.

Who is your role model?

I don’t think I have one in particular. But I do really appreciate Stephanie Hurlburt. She’s a successful entrepreneur, gives great business advice and is deeply concerned about diversity and inclusion. But what I appreciate the most is that she’s very positive and encouraging. She inspires me because I feel like she’s very empathic without having an empty and BS speech. It feels authentic. And I love authenticity.

What is your advice to a young person starting their career or entrepreneurial journey?

Start building things right now. Don’t wait for anything. Time flies and you can learn of lot right now, on your own, on the Internet. Also you learn faster when you’re younger.

Talk to people. I hated the word “network”, I still do actually, because for me it meant something very superficial. Talk to people you’re interested in and not just to make “connections”. Twitter is a great tool for that. Contact people in DM. Sometimes you won’t get a reply but that’s ok. Sometimes you will and you’ll get to know great people.

Don’t hide yourself and what you build. Believe in what you do, even if your entourage doesn’t. Be proud but humble. Ask for help when you need to. And help others when you can.