Co-founder of Salaam Ventures & Founding Ambassador of FiftyFiftyPledge.

Suki Fuller is an analytical storyteller recognized by Forbes as a strategic advisor for her work with fundraising startups. She is the co-founder & CEO of Salaam Ventures and is currently co-leading #FiftyFiftyPledge, an initiative to increase the number of women in Venture Capital.

A UK/US dual citizen, Suki has diverse experience from chemical engineering to intelligence. She has lived and worked globally within academia, national security, law enforcement, and private corporations. She is also an advisor, board member and NED to several startups.

Suki was recently named one of the 30 Change Makers to Watch for London Tech Week 2018.

What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity means being all the same in one regard, and yet different. Lately, I prefer to not generally use the term diversity as it is steeped with so much perceived negative baggage. But it is true that no humans are exactly the same, even when put into rather simplistic categories of ethnicities, ages, sexes, sizes, etc.

What is one thing you wish you knew five years ago?

My life experiences are inspirational to others as a woman, and even more so as a woman of colour. I have more power than I believe and others value my voice. I was not aware of how many people known and unknown paid attention to what I say, and consider me a role model. I should have been using my voice more publicly to be of service to others who have none.

What is your advice to a young person starting their career or entrepreneurial journey?

Family, friends, your supporters and champions, are more important than any business, career, or job. Businesses fail, careers change, and jobs end, but they can be revived.

When people die those relationships are gone. Value, nurture, cherish, and take care of them, because that love will help you get through the other losses. And remember: the only certainty in life is change.