Photographer & Content Creator.

Thuy founded Bridge of Memories back in 2012 initially as a photography portfolio. Later on, it became a platform dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and travelling, featuring educational content, lifestyle tips and worldwide city guides and journals. Her aim is to build this platform into an online magazine for freelance journalists to showcase their work and for people who are passionate about travelling and lifestyle to come and explore original and authentic inspirational content.

Besides her online venture, she is currently working full time in a marketing agency and freelancing in photography, content creation and digital marketing consulting. Thuy is on a mission to live her best life and giving back to the society. Her areas of interest include tech, the digital world, fashion and marketing.

What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity means the acceptance, inclusion and representation of all human beings, regardless of their differences, backgrounds and experiences. It is about sharing and accepting similar ideas and vision, being open to differences and change. I care about diversity, because I am myself a third culture person and I believe that we are all global citizens.

What inspired you to start your current journey?

I have always been passionate about being part of an environment that fosters creativity and problem solving. Captivated by how companies use digital innovation and creativity to leverage and transform customer engagement and experiences, I looked to focus my attention on B2B and digital marketing.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset, I have been passionately evolving my digital skills and knowledge through active participation in workshops and technology communities. Combining my passion for business and creativity, I have found myself freelancing in photography and soon starting my blogging journey. Embracing the world of digital, I have slowly shaped my journey to where I am now: working in marketing, while on the side consulting for clients about their digital marketing strategy, creating content for brands. But I’m of course always craving to learn more!

What is your advice to a young person starting their career or entrepreneurial journey?

Don’t be afraid to start now, to experiment, to fail and to learn from your mistakes. The biggest mistake we all make is that we tend to postpone things and that we are afraid of taking this first step. Like with anything in life, taking a first step is important to open yourself a door to new challenges, new opportunities and different visions.

Take risks while you can, ask for help, and support others along the way. Embrace the failures and surround yourself with positive and aspirational people like yourself. Because in the end, time won’t stop and we all have one life to make it all worth it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere around me. Simply as that. I find inspiration in art, in architecture, in travelling or in other people. I am inspired by the people around me. Those who have confidence and drive their life. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with inspirational people and to open yourself up to new events and things. Inspiration is all over; being inspired is about being able to connect the dots.