Content Creator, Writer, Blogger & Spiritualist.

Tyler is an American currently studying in London. She has been creating her entire life whether that be through dance, acting, writing, and other areas of entertainment. With over four years of experience in the areas of photography, journalism, and social media content creation, she lives a life dedicated to creativity. She is now moving into the areas of film and is currently gearing up to produce her first short film.

What does diversity mean to you?

To me, diversity is this presence of all beings no matter the age, race, gender, sexual orientation etc. It is the inclusion of all thought forms, ideas, and creative elements to push society forward collectively and individually.

Why do you care about diversity?

I care because as a young black queer woman, I did not see myself represented. It is only now as I grow older that I see more representation for my communities and I would like to ensure that the next generations never feel this! I want to create a space in the world where everyone can see themselves through my work and creations, no matter who they are but especially those that are young, queer, and black.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration through the experience of life. Through travelling, simple day to day communication, and art created by brilliant individuals all over the globe.

Which books changed your life?

The first book that completely changed my life is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It really opened my eyes and caused an inner shift within my being that propelled me towards my dreams and goals! I think everyone should read it.

The second book that changed my life is entitled Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity by Imi Lo. As a creative, I am extremely empathetic and sensitive to energies as many of us are. Growing up, I didn’t know that this was a gift rather than a burden and it showed that being such a sensitive soul is the greatest blessing there is!